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Prescription Compounding – Cream

Prescription Compounded Cream

Prescription Compounding – Cream

Compound Medication into a Cream

Strattera is a pill that can’t be cut or crushed, so with Anna’s diagnosis of Lissencephaly, that affects her mental and physical capabilities. She can’t swallow so the only alternative was to see if we could compound her prescription. That means they take the pill and manufacture it into a cream where she can turn this little bottle, however many clicks the doctor recommends, and she can place the cream onto her skin and let it dry. Over the years, she’s learned with supervision how to turn the little container several clicks and apply the cream to her skin. This has helped her to be more independent. She has attention deficit disorder and impulsiveness so she can’t really focus. So, Strattera helps with all of those things and helps her have a better day and be more productive.

This service that Ray’s Pharmacy provides is a way for Anna to get her medicine. There’s no other way she can do it because she can’t swallow. Definitely speak to your doctor, see if there’s a medication that can help your child, and find out what the options are. 12 years ago I didn’t know my options or that this compounding service existed for Anna. It has made her quality of life better because it is a drug that keeps her on track, focused, and have a better day. As a parent, you need to know what your options are that can really help.

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