Express Prescription Refills

What is Compounding?

Prescription Compounding is a process where the pharmacist individualizes a medication for a specific patient’s needs. People who cannot swallow pills, have allergies or sensitivities to dyes/fillers, those who want flavored medication and people who need a dosage not commercially available can depend on the compounding pharmacists at Ray’s Pharmacy. Compounding gives us the opportunity to provide personalized, superior, patient-oriented care.


Medical devices, prosthetics and compounding are only available at the Alexandria location.

Pediatric Medicine

Some tablets very large and difficult for small children to swallow. That tablet can be made into a lollipop, a gummy bear a hard candy. Compounding can make the medication easier to administer for the parents, and they can be sure the child is getting what they need.

Compounded Medication For Allergies​

If patients are allergic to or have sensitivities to dyes/fillers in medications then they may need a compounded medication. At Ray's Pharmacy we are able to modify medications and break them down to specific ingredients, excluding those that may cause allergic reactions. A compounded medication can ensure the patient is getting exactly what they need.​

Compounding for the Elderly

Elderly patients may have trouble swallowing a pill and keeping it down. Their medication can be compounded as a cream that absorbs in their skin, or a chewable.

Pet Medications

Compounding isn’t only for our human customers. We can compound prescriptions for the whole family including furry friends such as dogs, cat, horses and other animals. Most people know the struggle of trying to get your pet to swallow medication. We can transform the medicine into a chewable, cream, or other compound depending on the formula.​