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Immunizations at Ray’s Pharmacy


Immunizations at Ray’s Pharmacy

Flu Shots

We do lots of flu shots during cold and flu season, of course. We do immunizations for 7 and older, which we’re allowed to do in Louisiana without a prescription.

Shingles Vaccine

We do have the new shingles vaccines, which is significantly more effective than the old shingles vaccine. It has been more difficult to get in stock but we have been able to get plenty in-stock.

Booster Vaccine for Measles Mumps Rubella

As for the booster vaccine for MMR, if you were born before 1989, the guidelines during that time stated that you only needed one Measles Mumps Rubella vaccine. Since then, after 1989 it was recommended that you get TWO doses of those vaccines. Patients who were born before 1989 might not have as much coverage against any of those diseases, so we do recommend that anyone born before then to come in to get that second booster dose.

We can get you in and out of the pharmacy quickly, we just run immunizations through like a regular prescription. You can even call us ahead of time, and if we’ve filled prescriptions for you we get that part done and run on your insurance. If you have any questions about immunizations, please contact us! You can speak with any of our pharmacists, or you can come by the store. We would be glad to talk to you. We want to get you in and out of our pharmacy as quickly, professionally, and safely as possible.

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