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Medical Supplies & Equipment

Everyone should be able to live life to its fullest. At Ray’s Pharmacy, we help make this possible for local residents and travelers alike through providing a variety of wound care supplies, breast prosthetics, wigs, diabetic supplies, and medical supplies sales. Whether you are in need of a walking cane, Rollator or walker, crutches, adult and pediatric nebulizers, etc. our locations are here to help. Don’t get stuck with the hassle of dealing with online mega stores or stores that force you to purchase equipment you only need for a short amount of time.

Give us a call today for more information about our supplies or to purchase your equipment.


Nebulizers help babies, children and the elderly who are suffering from Asthma Bronchits or COPD breathe more easily. A nebulizer will take a liquid medication and turn it into a mist so that it can be easily inhaled. Nebulizers can also be used to treat wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. If you have a nebulizer in your home you can treat these symptoms quickly before they develop into something worse.

Most insurances will cover the purchase of a nebulizer, but even if your insurance does not, you can purchase a nebulizer over-the-counter from our medical supply store starting at $30.

We also stock nebulizers for children. These nebulizers are shaped like toys, such as a dog or bunny, to keep your child entertained while taking their medication. If you have any questions about our nebulizers, give us a call, or stop by the store to see our stock.

Compression socks and Hoses

Compression socks and stocking apply gentle pressure to your legs to promote blood flow from your legs to your heart. Come check out our stock of compression socks at our medical supply store today!

Walking Canes

We carry a variety of walking canes. Give us a call or stop by the store to see our stock.

Rollator Walker Chairs

Our medical supply stores carry Rollator walkers. Theses devices can offer independent mobility for those suffering from an injury or joint pain. The wheels on these walkers make them easier to use, putting less stress on the joints and can help you carry necessities such as an oxygen tank or groceries.

Medical Braces and Splints

We offer many kinds of medical braces and splints for issues ranging from severe back pain to carpal tunnel. Give us a call or stop by the store to see what we have in stock.

Diabetic Supplies Test Strip And Lancets

Medicare insurance will cover test strips and lancets but we only dispense True Metrix test strips and TruePlus lancets due to reimbursement issues.

Colostomy and Urostomy Supplies

Colostomy supplies are limited and may need to be  special ordered.

Bra Prosthetics

Fittings by appointment only – learn more

Prosthetics and compounding are only available at the Alexandria location.