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Compounded Medication for Disabled Children

Compounded Medication for Disabled Children

Compounded Medication for Disabled Children

Prescription Compounding for Disabled Children

My name is Donna Gayle Rogers, and I have a daughter named Anna Rogers who has special needs. She was diagnosed with Lissencephaly at birth, which presents a lot of physical and mental challenges. The doctor prescribed Strattera about 12 years ago, but with Strattera, you can’t cut or crush it so we had to think of a way Anna could take it without swallowing it. Her doctor suggested that we try prescription compounding. So, I came to Ray’s Pharmacy and talked to Mr. Ray to see if he could compound the prescription for her, and he said he could!

My daughter has learned how to use a little bottle, kind of like a hormone therapy container, that has little clicks on it. She’s learned how many clicks she needs, and she can apply it to her skin. So, she’s become independent because of this great service provided to special needs kids. It’s one of the areas that’s really helped. Ray’s Pharmacy is just the best because they call me to remind me it’s time for a refill. They let me know when it’s ready, and I just drive through. The service is very friendly, and they are very compassionate towards their clients. As a mom, the environment and the people here just make it easier to take care of my child.

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