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Helping Our Patients

Helping Our Patients

Helping Our Patients

Personalized Care at a Local Pharmacy

My name is Glynda Fuselier, and I am a pharmacist at Ray’s Pharmacy on Versailles in Alexandria, Louisiana. I love the people that I work with, and also our customers. We know them all on a first name basis; If we don’t, we really try to. As soon as they walk through the door, we want to know who they are and what they need before they walk up to the counter.

We really take the time with each patient to make sure we meet all of their needs. We try to go above and beyond. If something doesn’t have a prescription refill, we will get in touch with the doctor. If they’re not responding to our faxes, we will give them a call. We don’t want anyone to be without their medication, and we don’t want there to be any problems with their medication.

Last week there was a patient who needed prior authorization on a drug that costs several thousand dollars. We finally got the prior authorization after many phone calls only to find out that we couldn’t fill it here. It had to be filled at a specialty pharmacy. So, we called several specialty pharmacies and the insurance company to find out where we needed to send that prescription. Even though we didn’t end up filling that prescription, we found out where a patient needed to go, who they needed to call, and what their co-pay was going to be. We took care of all of that for the patient because we care. We know that these people need these medications. It’s for their diabetes, cancer, heart conditions, and all of the other things that people live with on a daily basis. We don’t want people to be without those medications. We want them to be cared for and to be healthy.

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COVID-19 Info and Resources

cOVID-19 Vaccine Sign-Up Ray’s Pharmacy is currently administering Pfizer and Moderna Covid 19 vaccines and boosters on Wednesdays and Thursdays AT NO COST. We encourage scheduling


Immunizations at Ray’s Pharmacy

We do lots of flu shots during cold and flu season, of course. We do immunizations for 7 and older, which we’re allowed to do in Louisiana without a prescription.

Prescription Compounded Cream

Prescription Compounding – Cream

Strattera is a pill that can’t be cut or crushed, so with Anna’s diagnosis of Lissencephaly, that affects her mental and physical capabilities. She can’t swallow so the only alternative was to see if we could compound her prescription.

Compounded Medication for Disabled Children

Compounded Medication for Disabled Children

My name is Donna Gayle Rogers, and I have a daughter named Anna Rogers who has special needs. She was diagnosed with Lissencephaly at birth, which presents a lot of physical and mental challenges.