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What is Compounding?

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What is Compounding?

Compounding is like cooking from scratch. You take individual chemicals and make a product for the patient that is not commercially available.

We are a PCCA compounding pharmacy. We have been educated at the Professional Compounding Centers of America in Houston and teach our people from that. We have been compounding for 18 years so we have a lot of experience. At Ray’s Pharmacy we have made many different types of compounds and can make pretty much anything you need.

Who benefits from Compounding

Everyone can benefit from compounded medication in some way. If there is a product you cannot find, is not commercially available, or you cannot find the strength you need we can compound it for you. We service the whole family including your dogs, cats and horses. If your animals need something chewable or flavored it can be compounded for them.

Where can you learn more about Compounding

You can talk to one of your pharmacists or come to Ray’s Pharmacy Alexandria, LA. You can also learn more on our Facebook page or our website. Most of our compounding is done at our Versailles location but it is delivered to all locations. So you can drop your prescription off or use express prescription refills at any location and get the compounded medication you need.

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Strattera is a pill that can’t be cut or crushed, so with Anna’s diagnosis of Lissencephaly, that affects her mental and physical capabilities. She can’t swallow so the only alternative was to see if we could compound her prescription.