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Compounded Medications

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Compounded Medications

What is Compounding?

Compounding used when a medication in a particular form is not commercially available. We provide an option for certain patients, whether it is cancer, or a small child who has problems such as Down’s syndrome or the inability to swallow tablets. At Ray’s Pharmacy we can make their medicine in a different form and compound a suspension that usually comes only as a tablet.

Compounding Pediatric Medicine

Some tablets are the size of your thumb and a five year old cannot be expected to swallow something that big. We can take that pill and make it into a lollipop, a gummy bear a hard candy similar to a Jolly Rancher. Compounding can make the medication better for the parents, and better for the doctor because this way they know the child is getting what they need.

Compounding for the Elderly

With older patients, like those who have cancer, they may have trouble swallowing a pill and keeping it down. In the time that it takes a tablet to dissolve in their stomach there is a risk they may throw it up if they are continually nauseated. For this situations we could compound a cream that absorbs in their skin so they can get their medication. They will not have to fight with the additional nausea caused by swallowing the large pill. This way they can get the relief they need from their medication after they have been suffering for so long.

Compounding for Allergies

Some patients are allergic to certain filler that are in medications. Here we are able to modify those and break it down to specific ingredients that go in compounds. We have a particular customer that we compound medication for who cannot have specific dye or lactose in their medication. We make sure that we take care of them and put only exactly what they need in their compounded medication.

Ray’s Compounding Pharmacy

No matter what type of medication it is we can compound it. As long as it is not something manufactured in that form in a specific strength we can compound it into a better form. At Ray’s compounding pharmacy we will go above and beyond to help our patients in any way possible. If compounding is not covered through their insurance we can help them get it approved, contact their doctor, or provide for them in another way.

For those who want to know more about compounding come by Ray’s Pharmacy Alexandria, LA or one of our locations in Ball or Tioga, LA or give us a call. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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