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Insurance Changes at Ray’s Pharmacy

Insurance Changes at Ray’s Pharmacy

We have recently had to make some changes to a few of the insurance providers that are accepted at Ray’s Pharmacy which include both Tricare and State of Louisiana Office of Group Benefits.
For customers that have one of these forms of insurance, there are a few options.

Inquire about the cash prices of their medications.
The perception can be that paying cash for medications is too expensive, however, this is not always the case. In fact, some customers may save money by buying their medications directly from the pharmacy rather than using an insurance pharmacy co-pay. Paying for your prescriptions with insurance can cost more because it requires more steps to get your medications through the supply chain.
This may not be the case for every customer, but we highly encourage you to ask about our cash prices before switching to another pharmacy.

Customers can opt to transfer to a pharmacy that still accepts those insurance providers.
While we love serving our community and customers, we understand these changes might be inconvenient and confusing for you. If you believe the right decision is to receive pharmaceutical services from another pharmacy, we will assist with any information transfers necessary for an easy transition.

For more information, please give us a call at one of our Ray’s Pharmacy locations.

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